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Recruiting Starts

The Open Source Vulnerability Database (http://www.osvdb.org) is currently recruiting security enthusiasts to support the project. The concept of OSVDB was introduced to create an unbiased, vendor neutral vulnerability database for utilization by individuals in the information security community.

We have an immediate need for individuals with information security experience to join the project and help update the database. The role is expected to update at least one vulnerability per day over a period of a month. It is an average estimate that it may take 15 to 30 minutes per vulnerability. If you are interested in contributing please visit the website to read more about the project and then apply at http://www.osvdb.org/submissions.php.

We are looking for long term support from the security community in a number of ways. We would like to see open source products, websites, and companies start to reference OSVDB IDs. Even though OSVDB is a non-profit project, donations of hardware, Microsoft golf shirts and money would greatly help. Actually, we are looking for some hard drives to help our storage constraints as the database expands.

The OSVDB database is currently on schedule to go live 03/31/2004. Without the support of the community this effort would not be possible! Please contact jkouns@jkouns.com with any questions or feedback.