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Month of Search Engine Bugs (MoSEB) Follow-up

Yes yes, yet another “Month of..” campaign. If you track the mail lists, you may have seen a post about a “Month of [something]” Bugs. Despite little follow-up, this campaign is going strong on the 17th day demonstrating a variety of vulnerabilities in lycos.com, search.myway.com, images.google.com, mamma.com, metacrawler.com, ezilon.com, ask.com, ftpsearch.rambler.ru, searcheurope.com, blogs.yandex.ru, clusty.com, autos.msn.com, shopping.msn.com, gigablast.com, hotbot.com, search.yahoo.com and meta.ua.

Definitely an interesting project to follow.

Month of Search Engines Bugs (MOSEB)

It was bound to happen, now we get to see a Month of Search Engine Bugs. It would be nice if this effort included some bugs with meat rather than relatively obscure cross-site scripting issues.

The time has come for announcement of my new project – Month of Search Engines Bugs. This project will be in the next month. So June is a month of bugs in search engines. Purpose of this Month of Bugs is a demonstration of real state with security in search engines, which are the most popular sites in Internet. To let users of search engines and web community as a whole to understand all risks, which search engines bring to them. And also to draw attention of search engines~R owners to security issues of their sites. During the month everyday will be publish vulnerabilities in most popular search engines of the world. Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities in particular. Everyday will be publish vulnerabilities in different engines (minimum one publication at a time, but there will be bonus publications also).