OSVDB’s goal is to provide accurate and unbiased information about security vulnerabilities in computerized equipment. The OSVDB blog discusses various topics related to vulnerabilities including disclosure, running a vulnerability database (VDB), and more.

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  1. did this site die?

  2. Daniel Kapellmann | Reply

    Is there anyone I could contact in person to ask a couple questions? – Currently doing some research on ICS vunlerabilities and trying to restart that discussion [more details in the email] and OSVDB used to have a good reputation in that area. (SCADAhacker says for instance OSVDB tracked more than NVD despite the limitations that made it close). Also the case is quite interesting and quite useful as a lesson for the industry. Any contact I could use? Would be really grateful!

    1. Conctact moderators @ osvdb dot org, we will try to reply promptly.

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