As of today, a decision has been made to shut down the Open Sourced Vulnerability Database (OSVDB), and will not return. We are not looking for anyone to offer assistance at this point, and it will not be resurrected in its previous form.This was not an easy decision, and several of us struggled for well over ten years trying to make it work at great personal expense. The industry simply did not want to contribute and support such an effort. The OSVDB blog will continue to be a place for providing commentary on all things related to the vulnerability world.


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  1. Sad … so sad … many anti malware related sites are shutting down, this month alone a few that i visit regurly. The other site mentioned to be attacked by probably malicious coders, are you guys being harassed by malcoders as well? I sure hope not. Well, I wish you the best!

  2. This is terrible to watch. OSVDB getting shutdown. Bug bounty is the key. But it doesn’t mean , you guys have to shut down.

  3. Wow, this existed?

    Just sayin’. I’m not really a developer but I do work in a software company and help drive decisions: typically from a more technical angle (to help management not screw-up). Yet I had never, ever heard of you guys. Methinks that, just perhaps, your problem was not advertising enough *outside* the developer world/community–you know, where people make decisions about supporting projects like this.

  4. RIP in peace, sweet prince

  5. So long and thanks for all [the fish] your hard work. It is much appreciated.

  6. nah, that means the world is safe. no vulnerabilities so no need for databases about them, mission completed. great job those years.

  7. Sad news, thanks for all your work Jericho!

  8. I’m sorry for this:(
    We’ll remember this project and all of you forever.
    Thanks for everything!

  9. Any plans to open-source the database and to try make a community project out of it?

    Would be pretty awesome to see the data as a torrent or the project’s implementation on github!

    I hope that you guys stay as awesome as you are and that you never give up trying!

    1. Remember, it started out as a community project and we struggled to make that model work. It simply did not for us. After almost ten years, we decided it wasn’t worth pursuing any longer.

  10. very sad

  11. i did not use osvdb much but held it in high regard, it MUST be possible to make it work with so many players in the open source field using open source. Please put the db on github or something. I hope people from AlienVault, GreenBone etc etc …. or all of them will fund the continuation.

  12. It’s sad to hear this and definitely a loss. Some more insight on the matter would be highly appreciated.

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