OSVDB 2009 Q4 Changelog

I always mean to post changes more frequently, but apathy and other tasks seem to win the day. Here is a brief list of OSVDB change highlights over the past few months.




  • New menu system (top and left nav)
  • Twitter feed more actively used for project updates
  • Twitter feed displays on front page
  • ‘About’ page is updated, expect more static pages to be updated to better reflect project status soon
  • CVSSv2 scoring support added, including:
  • CVSS scoring history (historically track NVD, OSVDB and other sources)
  • Anyone can submit scores for entries without CVE/NVD (over 13,000)
  • Updating CVSS scores for entries without are worth .25 points for now, to encourage mangling
  • Moderation system in place for submitted CVSS scores
  • Creditee system overhaul (https://blog.osvdb.org/2009/11/21/creditee-system-overhauled)
  • “Vulnerabilities in OSVDB disclosed by type by quarter” graphs added to front page
  • More fixes to continue support for IE6. Don’t expect this to last!

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