OSVDB – Apr 14 Code Push

Dave pushed a new set of code changes today! Here is a very brief summary of some of the highlights:

Public Enhancements:

  • Browse now has: Browse by Top Creditee, Browse by Creditee Name [Remember, we need more entries at 100% to make this more accurate and complete. Mangle your own vulnerabilities and fill in the missing creditee!]
  • Three new dates added to schema (Screenshot) [The new date fields won’t appear on the front end yet, as more changes are required, but we now have the capability to track a more thorough history of the vulnerability]
  • Menu Changes and new pages in support of that.
  • More diverse “Donation” options [Come on, donate 5 bucks and skip that fourth Latte!]
  • General bug fixes/tweaks
  • Vendor dictionary – change e-mail addresses to stop automatic harvesting
  • New template for CSRF vulnerabilities

Behind the Scenes:

  • Improved matching system for moderators to ensure we’re 100% matched with CVE
  • Stream line NDM process for splitting vulnerabilities
  • Better system for auto-importing references to milw0rm
  • Better system for approving and cataloging relevant blog posts associated with vulnerabilities

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