New Database Export Formats & OSVDB Personal Edition

New Database Export Formats & OSVDB Personal Edition
by d2d

We just introduced 3 new database export formats:

  • SQLite
  • MySQL (mysqldump)
  • CSV

The easiest of the three to download and dive into is SQLite, though the MySQL dumps take a close second. The CSV tarball also includes a SQL script to import the data into MySQL simply for reference. Perhaps someone can contribute a Postgresql CSV import script?

All of these are available at the database info page – along with an updated visual representation of the Schema. The old XML dumps are still there and continue to run, but the scripts used to process them are now officially deprecated. Simple reason being that they don’t work any longer, and given the above new methods of getting your hands on the data, the old scripts are obsolete anyways.


Also, as a sample of how one can utilize the new export formats, we’re releasing OSVDB Personal Edition. OSVDB Personal edition is a very small Ruby on Rails application that utilizes the SQLite database export to give you your own, albeit relatively feature-less, local OSVDB instance.

It’s quick and easy to setup (requires a few dependencies be installed, all documented in the README), and has been tested on Linux, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Mac OS X Leopard. There are some minor issues running on Tiger, which are somewhat documented in the README.

OSVDB Personal Edition is not intended to really be a new offering by OSVDB, as aforementioned, it is primarily a way to showcase our new database exports. You can grab it from our tools section.

In less exciting news, the vendor dictionary has been rid of the annoying ajax popups, and the search engine has received some mild tweaking.

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