Getting organized might make you less secure?

Tonight I went shopping with my wife as she wanted to purchase a new 2007 day planner. She was looking through all kinds of different types and really could not make her mind up about which one was the best. Finally, I decided to start looking at them as well so I could help her pick one out. I grabbed this pink leather Franklin Covey planner and started flipping through the pages. It had all of the typical things that you expect in an organizer. It also had random pages for you to write down your important contacts, birthdays, phone numbers, notes… and passwords! There was a full page included with this planner for you to write down and help you organize your account names and passwords.

With computers and the Internet becoming so mainstream it makes sense why things like this are starting to be introduced into everyday products. However, it drives me nuts– it goes back to the on-going security awareness debate and determining how much effort you put into training people not to write down their passwords, etc. It is hard enough to get most people to think about security but it makes it even worse when companies produce products that encourage people to be insecure!

I can see it now… people stealing day planners to get usernames and passwords.

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