OSVDB Selected for Google’s Summer of Code 2006

We are very pleased to report that OSVDB was selected for Google’s Summer of Code! This is great news as we hope to get some of the services and projects that have been on the back burner due to lack of development resources finally launched!

You can read about Google’s SoC here: http://code.google.com/soc/

With our Summer of Code project work, we hope to make several exciting enhancements to OSVDB’s public services. We have provided a list of important projects we are currently planning for–however we are open to proposals for other projects and ideas.

You can read about OSVDB’s Project Ideas here: http://www.osvdb.org/summerofcode.php

OSVDB has been working very hard to provide many additional types of a services to the community. Unfortunately, as mentioned due to lack of development resources we have been unable to make much of this happen. We now have an opportunity to possibly deliver on the OVSDB Portal and OSVDB Ethical Disclosure Framework commitments that we made when the project first opened.

You can read the public announcements with our intentions to provide OSVDB portal and disclosure services:

OSVDB Objectives: http://www.osvdb.org/OSVDB-Objectives.php

Vendor Dictionary Announcement: http://www.osvdb.org/news.php#vendorDictSiteUpgrade

Personally, I am absolutely thrilled that we may have the resources to develop the OSVDB Ethical Disclosure Framework. This has been one of the projects that I have been wanting for years and is validated as we see more and more issues with the disclosure process! I have believed all along that OSVDB can be the service that helps to improve, streamline and more importantly removes the mystery of the breakdowns in the process.

OSVDB has been handling one-off disclosures for researchers over the past 3-4 years and it is not an easy task. The amount of time it takes to handle a disclosure process is huge. We realized early on that a lot of the process needed to be automated in order to be successful and repeatable. Hopefully, there are some students out there that want to be apart of creating this service and we can get it launched by the end of the year!

We plan to post updates to the OSVDB blog as we get further in the process. If you have other ideas for projects that we should post please feel free to contact us at moderators@osvdb.org

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