Story of a dumb patch

Cesar Cerrudo of Argeniss Information Security recently posted announcing the release of a new paper titled “Story of a dumb patch”.

This paper is an advisory but mostly it describes a mistake made by Microsoft on patch MS05-018 where Microsoft failed to properly fix a vulnerability having to release a new patch MS05-049. Hopefully this paper will open the eyes to software vendors to not repeat this kind of mistakes.

As you have seen Microsoft did what you never have to do, Microsoft failed to build a good fix thus losing a lot of money and time, also Microsoft make users to lost time (maybe also money if you think time=money) since users have to patch again what they have already patched. I personally have seen Microsoft improvements on all aspects of security over the last years, but I think that Microsoft still needs some fine tunning on the patching process in order to avoid this kind of mistakes. I also must say that Microsoft is 1000% better than Oracle at handling and patching vulnerabilities.

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